Common Unity Project


Bogota, Colombia

To activate student leaders into communal world changers thru a one week cross cultural leadership project.

As Lawrenceville continues to grow in it’s cultural and ethnic diversity, we want to develop students (graduating seniors) into world changers as they develop their worldview. This summer, in partnership with World Peace Connection, we will travel to Bogota, Colombia for a one week cross cultural leadership project. During our trip we will partner with international students from a local school, community partners, and community leaders in Bogota, Colombia. Our team will also work closely with the IMB Missionaries and Church Pastors to learn more about community as we discover common unity. During the week we hope to see students from two different countries work together on a real world problem while engaging and serving their local community.

The goals of the COMMON UNITY PROJECT are:

1.    Build cross-cultural unity through real world collaboration

2.    To serve and lead in a cross-cultural context to build a worldview

3.    To transform local communities thru a cross-cultural experience and collaborative leadership experiences

4.    Plan, facilitate, and implement a student-led catalytic event thru cross-cultural collaboration, partnership, and leadership

5.    Help develop a follow-up plan with the local partnership teams

6.    Develop a social enterprise fundraising model

7.    Launch seniors into their freshman year as they have a purposeful summer that prepares them for college readiness