People: Relationships matter! We have seen that the greatest barrier to transformation is broken relationships. We seek to reconcile the city through the currency of relationships as we build partnerships and collaborate on common good initiatives within the 6 sectors of a city. Impact46 often serves as the community connector between sectors to help facilitate initiatives or the collaborative consultant to help with current initiatives.

Prayer: Gathering with like-minded people from the 6 sectors of a community to pray for the city, connect with difference makers, and weave a network of impact in Lawrenceville. We meet once a month at Cornerstone Coworking to pray over our city and highlight a difference maker in one of the 6 sectors.

Place: Lawrenceville is a city that continues to grow and embrace its cultural/racial/socioeconomic diversity as it redevelops. We believe that we must invest in the development of the place as we develop the future generational leaders. This includes expansion of skills, influence, and resources for the sake of impacting and transforming the community into a thriving place with thriving residents.