Is Lawrenceville a city of HOPE or DESPAIR?

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A Summer of Impact Intern’s perspective on the city of Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville, the place were I have grown up or recently just become a part of, has developed into a huge community that soon everyone will take part in. Obviously, there are many problems being raised by just expressing only the hope in the city. With that, opinions are certainly regarded in a positive way. Before actually diving into the main question, examining our reality or current position is always something we need to consider before jumping into the pit. For me, being an intern in this developing city has changed my whole 16 years living here. I’ve always considered this place to be an aimless “city” that really would not have any effect on my life. However, after experiencing all the shops like the Boulder Creek Café, events like the Chill in the Ville, and most importantly the people like my intern companions, I see how Lawrenceville is quickly changing and evolving. It is hard not to open the book instead of judging it by it’s cover. As a result, I was encouraged to continue to
expect more from our one and only, city of Lawrenceville.

Questions always revolve around a specific outcome; for us, it is whether or not Lawrenceville implements hope or despair. With all the new infrastructure, muses, and an establishing Feng shui, there is no doubt hope is in the air. Slowly but surely, this includes the traditions and views that are being cracked and countered. As a city, Lawrenceville is becoming an urban unity of people worth meeting and seeking. Obviously, despair will remain though. It is hard to exactly capture what despair would represent; with an abundance of perspectives in Lawrenceville, aspects of culture, race, political, economical, emotional, and all of the factors are all brought to the table. Although this maybe true, these setbacks are meant to be there to challenge and raise awareness for any change that anyone would want to pursue. As a result, hope will always be there to accommodate despair.

Recently, I was able to bring my small family into the night of the city. There was a lot taken in as I was able to walk and drive around the area.  It was very interesting to see my family's reaction on how much the place has changed. The lights, the setting, and the feeling in the atmosphere seemed less foreign. As I was walking, I saw people of culture and a large range of age as well. Surprisingly, we were even greeted as we walked the streets. The picture on the left is very symbolic. It could correlate to the hope and despair in the city but could represent many other things. For me, I see independence, warmth, obstacles, and growth.  From living an indifferent and secluded life, it really opens my eyes to how our world flows. I have learned through this experience that there is just so much to learn while establishing the stepping stones to life.

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