Difference Maker | Edgar Brush


Businesses making a difference: The story of Edgar Brush and Chick-fil-a

Interview by Samantha Proctor and Words by Kasey Wheeler

Apart from Chick-fil-A’s distinguishable logo, menu, and “My Pleasures,” it’s easily recognized because it stands for more than itself. Customers and community development are at the forefront of its focus, and this is the reason Edgar Brush, owner/operator of CFA Loganville joined the company in 1981. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Edgar, you’ll understand how well he embodies CFA’s values. Ask him how he’s doing and his response is always, “fantastic but improving.” Very much like at CFA, it’s difficult to walk away from Edgar without a smile on your face. Despite his attitude now, he’s the first to admit that his journey with CFA came from persistence and a lot of prayer. 


Before working alongside Truett Cathy, Edgar was building homes in Charleston, SC for 17 years. During this time, he always had lunch at John’s – a.k.a CFA inside Northwoods Mall. Although he loved building homes and walking with people during that journey, he knew his next step was owning a CFA location. After Edgar and his wife moved to Atlanta, John introduced him to Harold, operator of the Perimeter Mall location. Even though he had a family of four, he offered to work for nothing. In 1981, the minimum wage was $3.35/hour but he was blessed to work for $5.00/hour. He then had the opportunity to meet Truett Cathy and was sold on working with the company and helping it grow. 

 In April of 1982, Edgar attended an operator’s training course. This training was held for anyone opening a store, but he didn’t have one yet. He wanted into the training, even if he had to pay for it. A lot of his persistence and confidence going into this training stemmed from discernment of where his next season of life was going. Him going into the training with a store looks like a leap of faith, and in reality it is. He trusted God with his next season and was determined to see it through. At the end of the training, CFA gave him a store at Baybrook Mall in Houston, Texas.

 After 20 years as the Owner/Operator of CFA in Loganville, he’s most proud of the impact he’s made on the up and coming generation. He grew up with a large portion of his family in ministry, but Edgar has had the opportunity to preach without the pulpit. His ministry lies within CFA and reaching employees and customers. The first time he ever led someone to Christ was inside one of his store locations. Although he loves sharing Christ when he has the chance, his true passion is in the young adults who enter his store. He loves pushing them to become the best they can be realize they’re capable of a lot more than they realize.