Community Transformation Initiatives: A story about investment

Investment precedes Impact

I remember sitting in my 11th grade economics class at Collins Hill High School and hearing the term "Return on Investment" or ROI. During that same year I was first introduced to RI or Relational Investment as 2 of my HS teachers had a sunrise bible study every Wednesday where we walked verse by verse and studied Philippians. I only attended because a girl in my Economics class invited me. It was that simple invitation, and relational investment, that changed my life. A few months after attending the Bible study I came to faith in Christ and truly began to understand how relationships matter!

Over the month of March a lot of relational investments are being made with children and youth in Lawrenceville. Last week PureFUN! opened their business and invited Central Gwinnett students/faculty to walk thru the "life of a box" as they shared their open book business philosophy. To further these investments we have begun the process of recruiting students for the 2019 Summer of Impact internship initiative. Lastly, we launched the Arise2Read program at Lawrenceville Elementary school.

The beauty of these investments is that they are collaborative and will lead to a collective impact. We may not return millions of dollars, but we are truly seeing the body of Christ invest relationally and the Kingdom impacted. As we invest to impact we hope that we will truly see a legacy of leadership that transforms Lawrenceville into a thriving place with thriving people.

Over the course of the next several months we are seeking to document this transformation as we interview several business owners, community leaders, and community members who are truly making an impact in Lawrenceville as they invest in Lawrenceville. They are modern day impact investors and difference makers that we hope will encourage you to give your life away. Stay tuned!!!!

Jen Young